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Membership Requirements.

Ordinary Membership  

Ordinary Membership of the Association is open to those who have served in H.M. Forces, St. Johns Ambulance Brigade, Merchant Navy, and the Civil Service in the above areas during the Second World War, the Dutch East Indies Insurrection (Java/Sumatra, September 1945 - November 1946), the Malayan Emergency, the Brunei Insurrection, the Borneo/Indonesian Confrontation and at any time since.

Associate Membership


 Associate Membership of the Association is open to all who have served in H.M. Forces in areas other than as above and at any time, the spouses, widows, widowers, children and grandchildren of those who are, or would have, qualified for Ordinary Membership and all civilians who were held captive during the Japanese occupation of the above countries.

Honorary Membership

An Ordinary Member shall be entitled to propose for Honorary Membership of the Association, any person not otherwise qualified to apply for Ordinary or Associate Membership in recognition of special services to the Association or whose election would advance the interests of the Association.

The above Membership qualifications are not exhaustive, all applications will be considered on their own merits. It is not the policy of the Association to be totally exclusive.

Subscription Fee's

The joining subscription for ordinary and service members is: £15.00,  Thereafter an annual subscription is due of £11.00, this includes 1 newsletters a year from the Branch and 2 from the National body.  £7.00 goes to National and £4.00 to the Branch.


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